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Pizzeria/Restaurante Zebra Maria

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Pizzeria/Restaurante Zebra Maria

Located on the main Carretera Botanico in the La Paz area of Puerto de a Cruz, across the street and down from the Hotel Botanico is the Pizzeria-Restaurante Zebra Maria.

 exteriorInterior restaurant

A popular restaurant for over 25 years, it has been one of the few that stays open through from 13:00 until 23:30.

The four separate dining areas are comprised of: the outer patio and side enclosed gallery, both which are smoking areas, to the windowed porch at the entrance and the interior dining room which are smoke-free.

Here you will see groups of both Spanish locals and tourists ordering from their menu of pizzas, pastas and international food.

Along with your drinks comes a starter dish of cheese, olives, maiz and chorizo nibbles . Good for a starter are the thick rounds of toasted garlic bread.

Interior galleryaperitivos

Thin, crispy pizzas come in seven varieties, ranging in price from €6.00 to €8.00. My favourite is the Pizza Cariñosa, with onion, chicken, cheese and ham.One dish which has been on the menu for many years is the Escalope Zebra Maria, a pork schnitzel topped with baked banana, bechamel and gravy, served with chips and cole slaw. I especially like the shrimp cocktail, which is served in an elegant presentation bowl.

Escalope Zebra Maria    Spaghetti a la Carbonara

The Sole Tout Paris, similar to the Sole Walesa, is topped with shrimp, lobster sauce, bechamel and piped potato. Spaghetti a la carbonara is another dish they do well. The thick vegetable soup topped with egg, “Sopa de Lupita” is delicious and is almost a meal in itself.

Sole Tout Paris   Sopa de Lupita

Solomillo Robin Hood is another good dish, accompanied by mushrooms, chips and gravy. Dame Blanche is a rich chocolate ice cream dessert.

dame blanche

Some prices: Solomillo €14.00; Sole Tout Paris €12.50; Escalope Zebra Maria €10.50; Shrimp Cocktail €10.50; Spaghetti a la Carbonara €7.75; Two bratwurst sausages with potatoes and red beet salad €7.00; Eggs, bacon, tomato, fries €5.00; Garlic Bread €3.00; 1 CCC beer €2.00; Glass of house wine €2.50; Cafe cortado or solo €1.30.

The service can sometimes be a little slow, so go there when you have plenty of time.

Otherwise I would recommend this restaurant, especially for the dishes mentioned.

During shopping hours, you can use the pay parking lot next door at Supermarket 2000 (Spar.)

Pay parking charges inside supermarket or free if you buy something there.

Zebra Maria –  Telephone: 922 381855

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Bar/Restaurant Botanico Palace

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Bar/Restaurant Botanico Palace

If you have been to visit the Botanical Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz (Jardin de Aclimatacion de la Orotava) and are feeling ready for lunch or dinner, you will find a good meal just across the street at the Bar/Restaurant Botanico Palace. Situated in the centre of the ground floor of the pink building, this popular restaurant opens at 8’oclock in the morning and closes at 12 midnight seven days of the week.

 Botanico Palace in MiddleSitting Outdoors

The outdoor terrace, shaded by green parasols, affords a peaceful view of verdant lawn and olive trees. Indoors, where smoking is permitted, you have a choice of small tables or seats at the long bar.

This is a family business with much experience. The restaurant owner’s father, who is also the chef, is a well know local man who used to run the Cafe Berliner in downtown Puerto de la Cruz.

The female waiting staff is friendly and efficient. Your food is on the table quickly and the whole impression one has is of a popular Spanish restaurant where many locals come to meet, eat and later play dominos and cards during the slower hours. There is a daily special on the chalkboard as well as a complete menu printed in several languages.

Today’s ‘menu del dia’ was shoulder of lamb with potatoes and vegetables for €10.50. Some of our favourite dishes there: Spaghetti with prawns & garlic €8.00, Filetsteak brochette €8.50,Breaded escalope of chicken €7.50, Filetsteak with peppersauce €12.50.

Chicken EscalopeGarlic Spagheti & Prawns

Breaded escalope of chicken                                                                        Spaghetti with prawns & garlic

I have to comment on the fact that the salad accompanying many dishes is always crisp, fresh and appetising and the serving of papas arrugadas to accompany a dish is a generous helping of six or more potatoes. Their mojo sauce is delicious!

Papas Arrugadas Hake (merluza)

    papas arrugadas                                                        Hake (Merluza)


Beef kebab

More prices: 1 Dorada beer €1.50, Ham omelette with salad €4.50, 1 glass house wine €1.50, Cafe cortado €1.00, Cafe con leche €1.50.

There is a dessert cooler filled with cakes, tiramisu, chocolate mousses and other treats as well as ice creams.

This is a nice place to go just for an unhurried coffee or drink with friends if you aren’t yet hungry. We always manage to find a parking space nearby in the street.

Opening hours: 8 am to 12 midnight, every day including Sundays.

Telephone: 922 372 526

Location – across the street from the Botanical Gardens, Puerto de la Cruz.

Highly recommended

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Putting made easy :The Old Golfer way

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You have all heard it but how many take heed ? Nobody is a naturally good putter, although some get lucky now and again, all the good putters I know practice and practice regularly.

Don’t putt with your wrists or hands, (Oh I do that ! No you bloody don’t) you have to use your shoulders like a pendulum and stand still, dont rock. Only use the big muscles, if your wrists break, you will not hit solid putts. Putts will most likely come up short, but sometimes you’ll blast one by six feet past ….Consistency breeds confidence.

So Tighten up those wrists and putt with your shoulders and I’ll guarantee you will hit more good putts. Now go out there and spend 30 minutes putting once a week and you will lower your scores quicker than wasting money on that new driver, you dont really need. No need to thank me just send cheques to the address listed. Here is the way the Scots do it

Johnnie Walker Classic.Amateur Wins

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 Danny Lee (U.S. Amateur champion) birdied the final two holes for a 5-under 67 and a one-stroke victory over Japan’s Hiroyuki Fujita (67), Chile’s Felipe Aguilar (68) and England’s Ross McGowan (70) all tied for second on Sunday in the Johnnie Walker Classic. The 18-year-old New Zealander, set to turn pro after the Masters, had a 17-under 271 total on The Vines Resort’s composite course and would collect no winnings as he was amateur so the prize would be shared between the  second placed guys.

Restaurant Reviews

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I have introduced this section for Golfers and tourists so they may see and hopefully try some of the Non Tourist restaurants around the Island, the sort of place the locals would frequent. I have enrolled the help of a friend who loves to eat out and we will be giving a fair and unbiased opinion on what to expect in terms of service and quality of food we received. We go to these restaurants incognito so receive no special treatment or free food, I think this is the best way for us to give a fair assessment of the premises visited on that particular day and hopefully you will benefit from our experience.

Sir Old Golfer