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Teppanyaki CC Safari, Playa De Las Americas, Tenerife

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A great place to eat with friends or take visitors for a bit of fun, as long as you sit at the teppan.

Ambiance: a young, modern-asian feel without being too themey, in fact, quite simple in decor. Good lighting and reasonably well maintained. The place usually has a nice buzz, though it’s definately more of an evening thing than a lunchtime thing. The tables and chairs come across somehow as being a bit “cheaper” than the decor, as though money was a little short at the end of the fit-out, but never-the-less, it’s nice.

Service: plentiful, courteous and attentive staff, but not particularly friendly; not unfriendly, just perhaps a little distant. Serivce is prompt, and it’s usually easy to flag someone down. There are a couple of staff that seem to be there consistently, which is probably why the service stays good.

Food: a mix of Chinese, Thai and Asian. I’ve only ever eaten at the teppan (the big metal hotplate) and to be honest, at these prices wouldn’t go unless I could eat at the teppan. You can choose from any part of the menu, and looking around I felt that it was a little over-priced for what they were serving – don’t get me wrong, the quality was good, but if you live here, there are cheaper places that serve just as good Chinese food. The teppan, however, is a treat. The sushi is good quality, and the entertainment factor of having your food cooked in front of you, and, on occasion, thrown at you should you choose to join in the fun, makes it worth a visit.

Recommended for the teppan – ask for seats at the teppan when you book.


Written by Sir Old Golfer

February 18, 2009 at 8:56 am

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