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This is one lovely little restaurant that I can highly recommend for when you want to enjoy exquisite dining in an intimate setting at a very reasonable price. Located at No. 40 on the main Botanico road leading in and out of Pto. de la Cruz, it’s on the same side of the street and just a few steps down from the Hotel Botanico and although it is a recent newcomer to this neighbourhood, it has already begun to make its mark as a newly-discovered gem.

 C. General de Botanico 40 em Partial View Interior em

                  The exterior                                The entrance to dining rooms

The food is artfully presented and with the first taste, you will realize that chef-owner Raúl Brito has a special gift for creating beautiful food from seasonal ingredients. Menus are varied according to the available fresh provisions. He doesn’t use any frozen food. There is a 3-course daily luncheon menu priced at €13.90, and an evening daily dinner menu priced at €23.00. These menus also change from day to day.

Scan main menu a Scan main menu b

                    The ever changing Menu (click to enlarge)

And of course, there is the à la carte menu with interesting, delicious-sounding creations such as…’puff pastry stuffed with spinach sauce with goat cheese’…(€7.70)…, from the list of Vegetarian Dishes, or …’fillet of cherne in saffron sauce, with sautéed vegetables on a bed of risotto aromatized with macadamia nuts’ …(€13.50)…(see photo), charcoal grilled sirloin in bacon sauce with scalloped potatoes and vegetables…(€14.00)… (see photo), or the magnificent dessert I had the other day at the Friends of Tenerife charity luncheon held there…’ dulce de leche with Balinese vanilla sauce, almond croquant and caramel strands’ …(€3.50)… (see photo). When a table of chattering women suddenly goes silent, you know it’s because the food is so good it stops all conversation.

Risotto & Cherne in Saffron Sauce em  Cod Toast & Salad em

             Fillet of cherne                               Cod toast with salad

  The restaurant will also be holding special event story-telling evenings once a month in which a menu will be designed around a theme related to the entertainment and reservations will be taken after it is publicly announced. Char Grilled Sirloin & Bacon Gravy emDulce de Leche, Vanilla Sauce & Almond Croquant em

           Charcoal grilled sirloin                                   Dulce de leche

Private groups and parties are welcomed with flexible menus and group prices to be arranged with Raúl.

  One of Many Daily Menus emChef-Owner Raúl Brito em

        The Daily Menu                             The Chef and Owner Raúl.

Regular opening hours are 12:00 – 16:00 and 19:00 – 23:00. Closed Sunday evenings and all day Mondays. Smoking is permitted. Telephone 922 385 253.

Highly recommended as a really special dining experience.

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Written by Sir Old Golfer

April 12, 2009 at 9:42 am

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