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Paraiso Restaurant, Valle San Lorenzo, Tenerife

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Ambiance: despite the uncomfortable straight-backed chairs that seem to be common here (who is actually shaped like that, really?), the dining room is a fun, light space, with stunning views. Lunchtimes you tend not to get the view as they keep the blinds closed to block the sun. Early evening it’s great. It has a rustic country feel, leaning towards themey but in a batty way that’s quite charming. Not sure if it was done with a sense of humour, but it’s fun none the less.

Service: good when it’s there, but can sometimes be a bit absent. The staff are helpful and happy to advise, and will try and speak to you in whatever language you happen to be speaking if they can – always a plus! Things can sometimes be a little abrupt – occasionally something just turns up and is plonked on the table without much ceremony and you wonder where it came from – but this is more to do with the number of people in the restaurant and the phyiscal delivery of food than the attitude of the staff.

Food: it’s Canarian-a-go-go with the occasional touch of creativity; the burbango cordon-bleu it possibly an acquired taste, but somehow I feel it’s indulgent and I love it. Croquettas are good. We tend to get a mix of starters and share. I think someone I was with there once had soup and said it was good. For main courses, go for the barbecue stuff at the end of the menu – it’s what they do well here. The meat is good quality. Whilst you would think you really can’t go to wrong with fresh ingredients simply prepared it’s amazing how many places seem to be able to ruin grilled chicken, but not so at Paraiso – it’s all tasty. If you fancy a challenge – both quantity and culinary – have the ternera a-la-piedra – they bring out a massive piece of beef sliced up which you cook yourself on a hot stone. One for the boys if they’re pining for their barbecues.

Overall: fun, unpretentious, well priced. It is what it is, and it’s tasty. It’s perhaps a little out of the way – or it seems that way. Why does living here make you feel that 15 minutes in a car is too far? However, if you want a good meal in a group there are worse places to go. Very many worse places! If you want some good old country cooking go here rather than any of the places in Los Cristianos / Las Americas. The money you spend on petrol you’ll save in the restaurant, and the food will probably be better.



Written by Sir Old Golfer

February 17, 2009 at 8:17 am

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