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La Estancia Restaurant, Arona, Tenerife

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I’ve eaten at La Estancia a few times now, and my experience has been varied.

Ambiance: faded grandeur with some moroccan in the mix. Everything was probably quite nice once, but the decor has faded, the cushions are no longer as full, the marquee outside feels downright mildewed and please, if you’re going to have a red carpet, make sure it’s clean, vibrantly red, and doesn’t have bare patches. However, all this said, it’s cosy, reasonably comfortable, and has some interest.

Service: ranging from brusque to friendly to Fawlty Towers. Not all of the staff are as engaged as they should be, and whilst the service wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good. Food turned up reasonably promptly, nothing got dropped into my lap, but somehow I just didn’t feel like my happiness was important to the staff. Oh, and please, if a plate is chipped, throw it away, don’t put my food on it.

Food: there is an interesting mix of dishes on the menu. I’ve tried to have the degustation every time I’ve visited but it’s always unavailable (why not just take it off the menu?). The “classic french” dishes come out far better than the fusion / modern dishes, but even then, the food is “acceptable” to “good” rather than the “above average” to “excellent” that it should be at these prices.

Overall: The service is ok, the food is ok, the ambiance is ok. I have to say, I like the batty French colonial feel this restaurant has, it’s just a shame it hasn’t been better maintained. This is a restaurant that, somewhere, has lost its way. It needs a firm hand at the helm to steer it back on course; make the staff care (kitchen and service) and it will get back on track. Right now, it’s ok, but possibly a little over-priced for what it is.


Written by Sir Old Golfer

February 22, 2009 at 8:48 am

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