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El Molino Blanco, San Eugenio Alto, Tenerife

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Molino Blanco – 

We recently returned to Molino Blanco, being taken out by friends visiting as a “treat”. We haven’t been in some time so we were rather shocked.

Ambiance: really hasn’t changed from what it was physically, but now there’s a general air of chaos about the place. All of the staff seem to be new and none of them apparently know what they’re doing.

Service: swinging from non-existant to very much more than required. “Our” waiter seemed intent on serving no-one but the next table where two very pretty girls were sat, while someone that appeared to do nothing but clear tables kept trying to clear our table before we’d actually finished things. It was either a greek tragedy or a Pinter comedy, not sure which. The funniest moment was when, moments after being given tea and coffee by one waiter, another came up and whisked away the milk and sugar before we’d had a chance to use it.

Food: Out of 12 dishes – 4 starters, 4 mains, 4 desserts, – 8 were disappointing but ok, 2 were inedible and had to be sent back, and 2 were actually good. This is not acceptable.

Overall: This seems to be a real shame. I have fond memories of Molino Blanco from way back, and I was vey much looking forward to returning with my friends. But honestly, I doubt I’ll go again. I thought maybe we were just having a bad experience, but judging by what was happening around us we weren’t the only disappointed customers. We saw one couple get up and walk out, every table near us returned or complained about at least one dish (cold, wrong dish, overcooked, undercooked, you name it) and when we did finally get our bill, it had someone else’s drinks on it as well as our own.



Written by Sir Old Golfer

February 17, 2009 at 8:04 am

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