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PROBLEM: When the club head hosel 
meets the ball at impact and sends it 
scurrying crazily to the right — and too 
often into big trouble!

This is one of the scariest problems in golf.

While it can and often does get into a golfer’s 
head and cling there stubbornly, the good news is 
that nothing really moves the ball in any direction 
until someone swings a club at it.  And that’s a 
physical, not a mental action.

It happens when the swing plane extends too far 
from the body, causing a misalignment at impact.

Here are some possible cures.

Don’t stand too close to the ball.

Don’t let your weight come forward toward the ball 
during the swing.  Settle back in your stance and 
keep your weight more on your heels.

On the downswing, don’t “cast” with the hands 
and shoulders from the top.  Let your legs and 
body start the downswing, and pull the club down.

Keep your head still.


Written by Sir Old Golfer

January 27, 2009 at 11:48 am

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