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If you have any of the following nasty golf swing faults, these golf  tips may will help you correct them, but please if you are still struggling go and see a professional as you will spend months trying to fix it on your own,spend the bucks and get it sorted Now.

Another thing I see is many people taking lessons from another handicaped golfer….Go to a good teaching Pro and get proper advice. 


Drive the ball that bit further

The need to warm up correctly 

Proper ball contact

Hooking the ball 

Heel Shots

Looking Up

Keep those clubs clean, it will show in your game

Losing Distance

When You Play a Lot but Can’t Improve

Missing Putts Consistently Right or Left

Poor Tempo

Pulling the Ball

Pushing the Ball


The Dreaded Shanks 

Skyed Tee Shots


Spinning on your feet

Spraying all over


Toe Shots

Too Many Three-Putt Greens

Topping the Ball


Short Game mistakes to avoid




Written by Sir Old Golfer

January 25, 2009 at 10:18 am

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