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Lo Nuestro ; Buzanada, Tenerife

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Those who have read my restaurant reports before know that we go out at least one night in the week with friends for a meal. It used to be that we would decide between us where we would go based on somewhere we liked or had been recommended. That has all changed. We have now decided to go somewhere that we DON’T know. Taking it in turn to choose a restaurant, no arguing. If it’s good – great, if it’s bad then at least we know to cross it of our list.

Our first jaunt was to Lo Nuestro a typical Canarian restaurant specialising in meat and fish dishes up a tiny unmade path off the main street in Buzanada (before the roundabout & opposite Excalibur).

We visited in March and as it was cold moved tables twice ending up in a cosy corner away from the door and any possible draughts there might be from people coming in and out.

The waiter was very attentive and took our order (fortunately there is a section in English). A large dish of deep fried squid and octopus (more than enough for 4 people) was brought to our table. We said it wasn´t ours, and were told it was complements of the house. This was followed by our starters of Fried Goats Cheese with two different mermeladeas (jams) and sweet black pudding (just love this stuff full of nuts and fruit).

All meals come with a selection of vegetables, plus Canarian potatoes and chips. If you want bread and mojos like many restaurants this is an extra. Our choice for the night was a large mixed kebab of chicken, pork and beef; pork chops; a chicken cordon bleu and I had the chicken lo-nuestro which was breast of chicken in a pineapple and pepper sauce (delicious).

Dessert – only the two boys (boys Ha!!) could manage these and they both went for the light options. A lemon sorbet and Bienmesabe a popular dessert, made of ground almonds, sugar syrup, cinnamon and lemon zest. To wash it all down we had 5 beers, 1 coke, 2 waters, 2 cafe con leche and a barraquito.

The bill for 4 was just €68 and the portions so large we brought one piece of my chicken and one of other half’s pork chops home (our dog was happy for almost 3 days).

There is no smoking in the restaurant but when two of us went outside for a cigarette the manager said it was too cold and to sit at the bar. He then gave us a couple of Ron Miel’s to warm us up. After the meal as there were only a few people left behind he came to our table with an ashtray.

The waiter spoke a little English and with our bit of Spanish it was good fun, once he learnt we lived here he was cheeky and when we asked for more water he replied ´No San Miguel´ then winked and brought our water.

Before we have a meal anywhere I like to check out the toilets, if they are not up to standard, we walk. These were spotless, up a few stairs and had recently been beautifully re-tiled.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lo Nuestro. Both the food and the service were excellent – This will definitely get a second visit.

If you would like to book, ring Tel 922729912 Mov. 676383893 (Closed Wednesday).

Lo Nuestro – Buzanada, Tenerife : By Matilda


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  1. Excellent review will certainly try this restaurant


    October 14, 2009 at 2:27 pm

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