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The Tenerife Ryder Copa : Golf Del Sur: Tenerife

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April 3rd and 4th 2009 saw the start of the inaugural Ryder Copa,the idea behind it was to bring together the two separate clubs within the Golf Del Sur golf course for a bit of fun but competitive golf and fellowship, with the UK and Ireland playing Spain. The squad from each team was made up of 24 members from The UK & Ireland,that being the members club at Golf Del Sur against 24 members from the Spanish Team Amigolf also from Golf Del Sur.


The Format

The tournament was played over two days at Golf Del Sur golf course .On day one the weather started off nice but became a bit cooler and overcast but by the mid afternoon the weather brightened up into a nice evening. Day two saw a much more windier  day but the sun shone for the duration.

Day one in the morning was the 2 ball better ball match play with 12 players from each side playing in four balls and in the afternoon we had foursomes match play again with 12 players from each team. Giving a total of 48 players on day one

DSCF0660 DSCF0665

DSCF0669 DSCF0667

The results

Day one

Morning session : 8.34 tee off  was the “ball better ball match play” with some 24 competitors taking part,they went out in 4 balls 2 from each team over 6 groups.I was given the honour of hitting the very first ball on the first day of the first ever Tenerife Ryder Copa an honour I readily  wont forget.The score when we went in for lunch was 3.5 to Europe and 2.5 to Spain.

Afternoon session: 14.26 tee off was the foursomes match play with another 24 taking place 12 from each side.

“In a foursome match , two play against two and each side plays one ball. In a foursome during any stipulated round, the partners play alternately from the teeing grounds and alternately during the play of each hole” .

Many had never played this format and it proved a lot of fun and some head scratching by all involved. The score after this section was 3 to Europe to 3 to Spain.

The day overall score was Europe 6.5 to Spain’s 5.5, so not much in it going on to the next day both sides had it all to play for.

DSCF0710 DSCF0717

What I particularly liked about the whole competition was the difference in skill levels from a low 5 handicap player to the highest handicap player of 24 and the age difference, we had a young lad of just 16 years old playing on the Saturday and also a more mature competitor of some 78 years old,  all of whom gave their all for their respective teams and in no way let their side down.


Day two

The Singles: 09.30 tee off. The Saturday seen the all important singles matches in which every 0.5 point counted , all the competitors knew that, for their respective team to win they would have to try their best half or win their game.

We played in four balls to allow us to get all 24 singles matches finished in time and to get  the results correlated to allow time for a late presentation lunch at 4pm.


The first game with no one in front raced round in just under 4 hours but as the competition got closer and fiercer  some groups took just over 5 hours to finish.

With about half the singles matches finished the score stood at 6.5 to Spain and 7.00 to Europe, remember Europe had a  1 point win to carry forward from yesterday,  it was imperative the players still out on the course held their nerve and their lead or if down tried their hardest to pull something out the hat for the sake of their respective teams.

With only 4 games out on the course it could go either way, what more could you ask for, a nail biting finish, in this the first time the event has been played.

The Result

In the end victory came Europe’s way wining by just 1 point over their Spanish rivals, the final score being Europe 18.5 points to Spain’s 17.5 points every competitor gave their best and it could be seen by the jubilation and relief on the faces of some whilst others seemed a bit down but all agreed the two days had been the best many have had in their long or short golfing career.

Game over now Lunch and the presentation

Win or loose almost all the competitors came to the lunch which was hosted at Golf Del Sur in their marvellous dining room,with all the tables set out in an almost Royal form and with wine on them and free beer for all. It was a buffet style meal with a large indoor BBQ on which they had Pork , Lamb and Chicken also a large salad table with all the accompaniments’ followed by a sweet table and cheese with coffee, all even the most hungry and thirsty golfer could handle.

DSCF0755 DSCF0745

DSCF0754 DSCF0753

We all  sat down round the dinner table and enjoyed a meal and a drink together, whither we could speak each others language or not, we all got on well and played to the spirit of friendship and to the rules of golf over the two days. I for one got a lot out of it as I am sure others did too..

I must mention the green staff  who done a wonderful job with the course as over the two days it was in super condition and to all the reception and marshalling staff who all kept the whole thing running smoothly.

DSCF0698 DSCF0768

DSCF0760 DSCF0762

Presentation of the Cup.

A welcome speech was given by the Director of Golf Del Sur Snr Nacio Cano Ortiz, a man who helped out with the starters job and I also roped him into being the official photographer as the teams went out and once his starting duties were over he drove round the course taking photo’s of both teams in action,for this we all thank him.

Then a presentation was given by the respective club captains Mr Gwyn Evans and Snr Jose Mi Periquet.

DSCF0777 DSCF0779

Snr Periquet addressed the audience in Spanish and to the delight of all tried and did a great job of welcoming us all in English, Gwyn replied to him in English with the odd Spanish word but Maca was on hand to translate for both teams.


The Cup was handed over to the victors and both teams posed for team photos. The day then drew to a close with all going their own way with the thoughts in their heads, if only I had done this or that but whatever their thoughts were one thing was for sure they all, god willing, they all want to be in that team next year……

Did you know?
The Ryder Cup trophy is solid gold and weighs 4lbs (1.8kg). It cost £250 in 1927 and measures 17 inches high by 9 inches wide. The figure on top is Abe Mitchell.


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  1. Glad you had a great day, I know I did

    Sir old Golfer

    April 13, 2009 at 9:24 am

  2. Well done Sir Old Golfer, good report

    Ray Dunne

    April 13, 2009 at 8:25 am

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