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Golfing in Tenerife by Golfing in Tenerife

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Golfing In Tenerife the blog started off some four months ago now, it was started to give me something to do in my spare time, as one can only golf so much, I love it. Golfing in Tenerife has became popular with many coming back time after time, I thought I may not have enough to fill a few pages but find myself involved in the subjects Golf and blogging that now seem never ending.

GolfPottySir Old Golfer still a handsome lad

I had never been involved in Blogs, had never really read any, thought they were a bit nerdy, but as I got more into it there are some great Blogs around and some very talented people behind them. Canarybird my restaurant guide writer is one for sure.

I have had some help along the way from other Bloggers, and great advice its been too, with regards SEO and have spent hours trying to learn how to optimise my blog, to this end I see no easy option, but one must improve listings by content and workload. I have never paid or signed up for any “help” but have plodded along, learning as I go and to be honest I have enjoyed every minute although at times it has felt a bit like a lost cause.

So where does Golfing in Tenerife go from here, Why upwards and onwards, I know there’s lots more to write about and I hope you are there to read my stories. This week I am involved in the Spring Hotels  Golf Tournament over two days at Golf Del Sur, Golf Course so I will have a full report on that coming up, just hope I win one of there great prizes……..

Sir Old Golfer


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  1. I think it’s a great blog you have here.

    Keep on blogging.
    And golfing!

    Adeje Dreamer

    May 1, 2009 at 10:08 pm

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