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Tenerife Golf Inter-Club Summer Challenge, 21st April 2009

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The Golf Clubs of Golf Del Sur, Adeje and Amarilla played in the Inter Club Summer Golf Challenge which started on Tuesday 21st April and of course Golfing in Tenerife was there, I had the privilege of playing with Snr Edwardo Tavio, one of the familly of the owners of the Amarilla Golf Club which I featured Here in an earlier post. Snr Tavio and his partner won their game over me and my partner Mr David Ellwell , but we await the next game where all going well, I will be in better form.

16 competitors from each club are chosen to compete on behalf of their club in a better ball match play competition, they play twice at each course during the summer period. I will be playing for the Golf Del Sur team.
The first of the six matches was played at Golf del Sur,weather was beautiful but in the home teams favour as the wind got up a bit, we had a small buffet afterwards which was enjoyed by all.


1st tee Nerves ?                                                     Afterwards all pals


After the first tournament the scores are as follows

Golf Del Sur 6 points

Amarilla Golf 5 points

Adeje Golf 1 point

The next match is at Amarilla Golf Club next month, so all to play for ! Come on Lads no beer this time the night before…..


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