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Restaurant San Diego:La Orotava:North Tenerife

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Restaurant San Diego

As you step out of your car at the bottom of the hill in El Rincon, where the wide TF 176 road meets the narrow crossroad which leads to Bollullo beach and where you see the two storey terracotta building on your right, you may detect the aromatic scent of eucalyptus wood smoke emanating from the grill in Restaurante San Diego.

Exterior San Diego Interior San Diego

Exterior and interior View of Restaurant San Diego

This is one of our favourite Canary-style places to dine.  It’s also well loved by friends who’ve lived here for years.  This is where we go when we want to indulge in a table filled with salad, papas arrugadas con mojo, the best pimientos de padron we’ve ever tried, garlic prawns (gambas al ajillo), local wine, wonderful bread toasted on the grill with garlic ali oli that is so good you almost forget to leave room for the second and third courses.

Garlic Shrimp Pimientos Padron

Some mouth watering garlic prawns and pimientos de padron

Here you can try some of their delicious morcilla – a black sausage made in the local way with honey and almonds, chicken flattened and grilled, drizzled with creamy garlic sauce, fish of the day or a plate of stewed chickpeas with pork ribs (garbanzos), a veal steak, chocos or roasted goats’ cheese with mojo sauce. There are so many good dishes on their menu.

Ensaladilla & Tuna Croquettes Grilled Garlic chicken

(Russian potato salad)                            Chicken Flattened

and tuna croquette                                  And then Grilled

Stewed Rabbit                                             Stewed Rabbit

Papas Arrugadas & Vino Salad

                     Papas arrugadas                                        Lovely fresh Salad

One must not forget their ensaladilla rusa (Russian potato salad) and tuna croquettes, another favourite combo of mine.

The dessert cooler holds an assortment of puddings, flans, chocolate mousses and soufflés.

Flan The Cook and grill

      Mouth watering deserts                        The Chef at his large grill

When we go there I always take a couple of lidded plastic containers because invariably we order more than we can finish, so a bit of morcilla, a couple of potatoes and crusty bread dipped in garlic ali-oli are often taken home for a late night snack.

The restaurant is up one flight of stairs and I understand the downstairs entrance has just been converted into a guachinche, or typical simple wine and food bar.

Upstairs is divided by a glass wall into smoking and non-smoking. The non-smokers have the area by the windows which overlook the banana fields and the sea.

Price we pay is usually around €15 per person, including local wine, beer and water,  without dessert.

Recommended as excellent for Canary-style food.  Service is efficient.  If going for lunch, best to get there before 2 pm to get a table near the window.

Opening hours are from 1 pm until 11 pm non-stop. Mondays closed.

Address: El Rincon 43, La Orotava. Telephone: 922 331 242

A local TITSA bus – No. 376 – every two hours from La Orotava bus station stops near the restaurant entrance.

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