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Bar/Restaurant Botanico Palace

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Bar/Restaurant Botanico Palace

If you have been to visit the Botanical Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz (Jardin de Aclimatacion de la Orotava) and are feeling ready for lunch or dinner, you will find a good meal just across the street at the Bar/Restaurant Botanico Palace. Situated in the centre of the ground floor of the pink building, this popular restaurant opens at 8’oclock in the morning and closes at 12 midnight seven days of the week.

 Botanico Palace in MiddleSitting Outdoors

The outdoor terrace, shaded by green parasols, affords a peaceful view of verdant lawn and olive trees. Indoors, where smoking is permitted, you have a choice of small tables or seats at the long bar.

This is a family business with much experience. The restaurant owner’s father, who is also the chef, is a well know local man who used to run the Cafe Berliner in downtown Puerto de la Cruz.

The female waiting staff is friendly and efficient. Your food is on the table quickly and the whole impression one has is of a popular Spanish restaurant where many locals come to meet, eat and later play dominos and cards during the slower hours. There is a daily special on the chalkboard as well as a complete menu printed in several languages.

Today’s ‘menu del dia’ was shoulder of lamb with potatoes and vegetables for €10.50. Some of our favourite dishes there: Spaghetti with prawns & garlic €8.00, Filetsteak brochette €8.50,Breaded escalope of chicken €7.50, Filetsteak with peppersauce €12.50.

Chicken EscalopeGarlic Spagheti & Prawns

Breaded escalope of chicken                                                                        Spaghetti with prawns & garlic

I have to comment on the fact that the salad accompanying many dishes is always crisp, fresh and appetising and the serving of papas arrugadas to accompany a dish is a generous helping of six or more potatoes. Their mojo sauce is delicious!

Papas Arrugadas Hake (merluza)

    papas arrugadas                                                        Hake (Merluza)


Beef kebab

More prices: 1 Dorada beer €1.50, Ham omelette with salad €4.50, 1 glass house wine €1.50, Cafe cortado €1.00, Cafe con leche €1.50.

There is a dessert cooler filled with cakes, tiramisu, chocolate mousses and other treats as well as ice creams.

This is a nice place to go just for an unhurried coffee or drink with friends if you aren’t yet hungry. We always manage to find a parking space nearby in the street.

Opening hours: 8 am to 12 midnight, every day including Sundays.

Telephone: 922 372 526

Location – across the street from the Botanical Gardens, Puerto de la Cruz.

Highly recommended

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