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Taylor Made R9, The Review Sounds Great, but the Price !

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Yes, this is the review of the new TaylorMade r9 Driver, it all sounds very exciting, till it comes to the price, here in Tenerife they want around 450 Euros for this club. Does no one realises there is  a recession on ?

Its too much for my blood but I think the price will plummet when some one wakes up to the fact that a golf club is not one of life’s necessities and in this global resession can be done without. On saying all that its a nicely designed club and I would love to own one.



The TaylorMade r9 Driver has three movable weighting ports with eight position settings allowing you to tune the head to create a desired flight and launch conditions.
The Flight Control Systems for short (FCT) in the Taylor Made R9 Driver is unique to TaylorMade who have spent a considerable time researching this technology.  As a club fitter we recognise that all golfers are different and the possibility that in one club we can adjust the weighting, lie angle, face angle with a twist of a wrench means that this club will suit anyone and everyone as its totally adjustable.

So how does this work? Every TaylorMade R9 Driver comes with a wrench first of all and the head design has a small metallic sleeve positioned over the tip of the shaft.  This in turn is secured to the of the TaylorMade r9 Driver with a specially constructed bolt which can be loosened enabling you to alter the face loft and lie angle to personalise your ball flight.

With the already acclaimed movable weight technology (one 16-gram and two 1-gram weights) and now the FCT the TaylorMade R9 Driver makes the head design one of the most exciting new advancement in golf driver design for many years.

Just think with the R9 Driver every player will get the perfect fit every time to maximise their own individual performance.

At its extreme the TaylorMade R9 Driver can influence the left to right direction by 75 yards so for any golfer there will be something to help with the slices and hooks.

The overall shape of the R9 Driver is a triangular design merging the classic look and the modern shapes seen today it also help to streamline the head cutting air resistance creating more club head speed. 

The head shape also offers a low centre of gravity and a higher MOI which creating a higher launch and improvement in off centre hits power transfer on the ball.

The Ultra thin wall technology (UTW 0 .6mm thin) in the Taylor Made R9 Driver helps with the weight distribution of the club creating a lower and deeper COG.  Also the weight is reduced not the feel however and in our research the lighter the overall club the naturally quicker you can swing the club leading to more distance.  The cone shape expands the sweet spot also helping those off centre hit perform in distance.


Written by Sir Old Golfer

March 3, 2009 at 9:54 am

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