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Did You Know ? Scoring Terms Explained

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Scoring Terms explained,  no I was not around when they came up with them !

The common used phrases in the game of golf are birdie, eagle and par. The word “bird” was a slang term in the 19th century that referred to anything considered remotely cool, still used today for women. So that term was used then for a great shot in a game of golf – one that led to a score under par – and was eventually turned into birdie. The word eagle followed with the same pattern as expected from the bird mentality. Par was used long before it became associated with the game of golf and basically meant something that was acceptable or average. The word simply became associated over time with the game of golf to indicate an ideal score among golfers.


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  1. As it happens ther is a great web site written by a super handsome bloke that explains it fully..

    Am I going soft or something ? - Tenerife Forum

    May 30, 2009 at 12:33 pm

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