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Hole In One, What are the odds ?

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What are the odds of archiving this great feat  ?

In  my golf  career I have had 2 whilst my late father had 14, not fair really as I know people who have golfed all their lives and never managed it, but got dam close on many occasions.

The Golf Digest study provided many great nuggets of information, even breaking the odds down by quality of play:

Tour player making an ace: 3,000 to 1

Low-handicapper making an ace: 5,000 to 1

Average player making an ace: 12,000 to 1

Some other highlights from Scheid’s calculations:

Average player acing a 200-yard hole: 150,000 to 1

Two players from the same foursome acing the same hole: 17 million to 1

One player making two holes-in-one in the same round: 67 million to 1

Source: Primary source is Golf Digest.

Here is another source from a specialist insurance company

So now you know what your chances are but that should never stop you from trying…..


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